Lake Mckenzie

Take in the beauty of Lake McKenzie from above!


When planning your tour to Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie should be on your must-see bucket list. This lake is also called Boorangoora (‘waters of wisdom’)  – a name the Butchulla people, who are the traditional owners of K’gari (Fraser Island), have given it. Often called the ‘jewel’ of Fraser Island, this ‘perched’ lake is the site where you are sure to create memories of a lifetime!

If you are worried about how to get to Lake McKenzie, simply book one of our Fly/Drive Tours which depart from Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay Airports daily. Get ready to relax, and soak up the sights and sounds of this mesmerising setting to the fullest.

What’s so special about Lake McKenzie?

This ‘perched’ lake located in the Great Sandy National Park contains just rainwater. It doesn’t contain groundwater, has no contribution made by streams or smaller rivers, and doesn’t drain into the ocean. The organic matter and sand at the lake’s bottom create an impervious layer, which prevents rainwater from being drained away. It’s the same sand that functions as a natural water filter to give Lake McKenzie its crystal clear water.

Spread over 150 hectares, the lake is 5 metres deep. With its crystal clear water displaying aquamarine and sapphire hues, surrounded by soft, white silica sand and Blackbutt forest, it is a swimmer’s delight. With its shallow water temperature staying at 23ºC even in summer, this lake is extremely inviting for taking a plunge. Take in the beauty of Lake McKenzie from above before landing on Fraser Island’s 75mile beach on one of our many tour packages.


What you can do at Lake McKenzie?

Whether you want to enjoy a family picnic, or just take photos to your heart’s content, you can do all that and more at this lake. Some activities you can enjoy include:

  • Swimming in the stunning lake water
  • Organise a picnic near the car park (where picnic tables and restrooms are available)
  • Walk-in camping (as part of the Great Walk)
  • Taking a stroll from the partly boarded car park and enjoying the magnificent view from the stairs leading down to Lake McKenzie
  • Walking on the silky white sand, which can act as a light exfoliant when rubbed on your skin
  • Taking photographs to capture the stunning images for posterity

If all these seem like a poetic dream, it is indeed and a lot more too!

Book your tour with Air Fraser Island to experience the picture-perfect Lake McKenzie today!

Lake McKenzie - Air Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie...with Air Fraser Island

We can get you to Fraser Island from the Sunshine Coast or Hervey Bay, where you can see Lake McKenzie from above. From there it's your choice how to explore Fraser Island & Lake McKenzie with one of our Packages.
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