Central Station

The crystal clear water of Wanggoolba Creek flows silently through this rainforest


Central Station on Wanggoolba Creek was once the site where Butchulla women came to give birth. The entry of men wasn’t allowed here. It became the heart of Fraser Island’s forestry industry when tree felling was permitted. From 1920 to 1950s, there was a logging village here with about 30 homes and a school for the loggers’ children. You can book one of our Fly/Drive Fraser Island adventures departing from Hervey Bay or Sunshine Coast Airports to experience Central Station.

What’s so special about Central Station?

Apart from its rich historical background, Central Station has an open rainforest around it. The forest plays home to a variety of mature pine trees like Bunya Pines and Kauri Pines, along with Flooded Gums and Satinays. You can find the rare and primitive giant ferns (Angiopteris evecta) here, which have the world’s largest fern fronds. You won’t find these ferns anywhere else on Fraser Island.

The crystal clear water of Wanggoolba Creek flows silently through this rainforest. This creek is home to a wide range of species of eels, turtles, and fishes. You can visit this scenic place on one of our many tour packages that start and end on Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach.

What can you do at Central Station?

  • Stroll the boardwalk along the Wanggoolba Creek that passes through the rainforest to take in Fraser Island’s biological marvels
  • Go camping
  • Enjoy a picnic amidst the scenic setting

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Central Station

Central Station...With Air Fraser Island

We can get you to Fraser Island from the Sunshine Coast or Hervey Bay, where you can see Central Station from above. From there it's your choice how to explore Fraser Island & Central Station with one of our many Packages.
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