Champagne Pools

Fraser Island’s very own, unique and natural Jacuzzi


Champagne Pools are a group of recreational pools formed by volcanic rocks. They sit pretty between Indian Head and Waddy Point, along 75 Mile Beach. Champagne Pools are the solitary spot on Fraser Island where you are allowed to swim in saltwater. Thanks to the volcanic rock break wall, these pools have become popular swimming holes. As the ocean waves crash over the rocks and get into the shallow, sandy-bottomed pockets, tiny bubbles and water foam are formed just like your glass of champagne. And that’s the inspiration behind the name.

Before Champagne Pools became a tourist hotspot, they served as natural fish traps for the local Butchella people. To get here, you can book one of our tour packages to reach Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach.

What’s so special about Champagne Pools?

The natural spectacle of these pools is marvellous and they offer tourists a great photo opportunity. Swimming in these protected pools, which shield you from the larger ocean waves, is the most favourite activity here. Positioning yourself on the cliffs above the pools, if you look over the ocean, you may spot whales if you are lucky, especially between mid-July and early November as it’s their migration period. Early morning swells may even give you the chance to catch sight of some playful seals. You can take one of our daily Fly/Drive Tours from Hervey Bay and Sunshine Coast Airports, which begin and end at 75 Mile Beach, to reach Champagne Pools.

What can you do at Champagne Pools?

  • Go swimming: Enjoy the tranquil swimming holes but stay away from the rocks; don’t drift too far away or else, the extremely strong currents may be difficult to endure.
  • Take a walk: From the southern car park, you can take the 350-meter wooden boardwalk to reach the cliffs above the pools, and then go down the steps to the Champagne Pools.

To set a date with this natural wonder, book your tour with Air Fraser Island and enjoy Champagne Pools – Fraser Island’s very own, unique and natural Jacuzzi.

Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools...With Air Fraser Island

We can get you to Fraser Island from the Sunshine Coast or Hervey Bay, where you can see Champagne Pools from above. From there it's your choice how to explore Fraser Island & Champagne Pools with one of our many Packages.
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